Sydney Termite Inspections and Termite Control

Termites are the most destructive pest insects of wood frame houses and structures, being considered a wide spread problem throughout Sydney and Australia. Most species live and travel underground and damage the inside of the wood members, leaving only a thin layer of wood untouched on the exterior. Usually the damage is not visible, therefore it can be overlooked by most people and if left may require extensive and costly repairs. Regular Termite Inspections to your Sydney properties can minimise the damage termites cause, identify conducive conditions, ​and in the long term can save the owner tens of thousands of dollars. Only a professional Termite Inspection conducted by a licensed and specially trained technician can determine the presence of termites or other wood destroying insects and properly evaluate the best remedial treatment. Yearly termite Inspections are essential for every Sydney and Blue Mountains residence.


Blue Mountains Termite Inspections and Control
Sydney Termites with Infrared Cameras



Residential -Includes Full Written Report. Inspection time 1.5 - 2.5 hours




Roof Void

Subfloor - If applicable


Landscaping Timbers

Timber Retaining Walls


Trees and Stumps



Found Termites - What Next?


So you have found live termites and obviously you are very worried.


Do not touch them. We have great products that will guarantee to kill the termites, not just the termites in your home but the whole colony at the source, so it is important that they are not disturbed. Call us and we will develop a unique control plan for your home. Call Mobile 0421 109 527.




Protect your Property


We can install preventative treatments and systems to ensure your property in safe from termite attack all year round


  • Monitoring Stations

  • Penetrable Chemical Barriers

  • Non-penetrable Chemical Barriers

  • Reticulation Systems

  • Pre and Post Construction

  • Reticulation System Recharges